Friday, November 21, 2008

Google Conquest: Online Empire In A Box

Google Conquest: Online Empire In A Box

Google Conquest is a new internet marketing product from Alex Goad and will be launching on November 25. Google Conquest is going to be his 5th launch for the year and is poised at earning the distinction of being the hottest internet marketing product launch for 2008. The first four products launched this year prior to Google Conquest were all ClickBank top sellers and it looks like he has saved his best for last.

So, what is Google Conquest? Catch the video below.

So what exactly are the components behind Google Conquest?

Thanks for the run through Alex, to recap, the big picture is about Google Conquest:

- teaching someone how to get started making money online

- generating traffic to land on conversion pages that are well monetized

- building mini sites in micro niches through WordPress blogs, all automated taking less than an hour to build

So now lets talk about the key components that make up Google Conquest.

Google Conquest Component 1
Moneymaking Blueprints

These are the actual methods that Alex uses and has been using for several years, techniques that he has mastered to internet marketing perfection. All yours for the picking.

Google Conquest Component 2
Automatic WordPress Niche Site Creation

These are all super optimized blogs, plugins, content, automated bookmarking and trackbacks, AND automatically finding places to link from.

Google Conquest Component 3
60 Day Challenge

This is a day by day training program that shows you what to do every single day of the strategy.

Google Conquest Component 4
A Blog Network

When you belong to a blog network that has about 1000 blogs, you can get higher quality links on these other blogs by syndicating your content on the other blogs, in the same categories across the blog network.

Google Conquest Component 5
Your Own Products

Appropriately the 5th component, you receive 5 products to instantly market, each complete with squeeze pages, alternate video squeeze pages, sales letters, free reports, auto responder sequences and the products themselves.

Google Conquest Component 6
One On One Coaching

Get help from professionals on call 24 hours a day, a great way to get professional and personalized advice.

Get more information on Google Conquest by clicking that link or visiting